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Care Bears Expands in the UK

Jan26.CareBearsAG Properties is starting off the year with five new licensees and two extended existing partnerships from the UK for the Care Bears brand. The brand looks to expand in publishing, arts and crafts, and toy categories, and will and continue with adult apparel lines.

Immediate Media will create workbooks and posters with a compilation magazine, titled Blossom. RMS International will develop knit-your-own Care Bears, puzzles, a paint-your-own Care Bear moneybox, a make- and decorate-your own Care Bears cushion, and a Care Bears Money tin.

For apparel, Ichiban Clothing will make T-shirts, fashion tops, jackets, skirts, bottoms, leggings, and dresses. Blues Clothing Limited will develop women’s T-shirts, loungewear, undergarments, and outerwear, along with girls’ T-shirts, loungewear, undergarments, and swimwear. In addition, Somerbond will make women and girls sweat tops, leggings, nightwear, and undergarments.

Vivid will remain as master plush toy distributor in the UK, while Whitehouse Leisure will create toys featuring bag clips, key chains, pen and pencil toppers, mugs, non-toy functional breakfast sets, snap bands, bubbles stationery, and pencil cases. It will also make amusement plush toys, beanies, and resin figures to only be distributed to amusement and game redemption channel.

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