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Bungalow Media + Entertainment to Launch Kids Entertainment Platform

BungalowLogo_Bungalow Media + Entertainment will launch, a destination for original, short-form “edutainment” that encourages curiously and a love for discovery. This content will target kids ages 8 to 12, including online, mobile, apps, and over-the-top (OTT) content.  It will also incubate new content and talent for distribution across multiple platforms.

Using a combination of live-action and animated video, along with activities, quizzes, and polls, will offer a topical, fast-paced, and engaging experience for kids. The buzzword is GO, empowering kids to go think, go play, and go explore. content is a 365 degree agnostic platform, with original programming along with acquired programming. Short form series currently include Mud Dad, How It Works, I Can’t Even!, That’s a Job?, Need 2 Know Now, Two Minute Trip and Googles Asks. The shorts feature real adults and kids discussing and demonstrating things kids wonder about, making them perfect for for on-the-go digital consumption or for expansion into longer series. has been privately funded and brought to Bungalow by investor partners Stephen Garchik and Allan Cohen.

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