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Bloomers Edutainment, Capi Europe Expand Bloomers Licensing Program

CapiHealthy Lifestyle brand Bloomers Edutainment will expand overseas with Capi Europe, the European manufacturer of pots designed for plants and flowers. Bloomers signed a multi-year licensing agreement for Capi Europe to exclusively manufacture and distribute Bloomers’ products in Europe.

Capi Europe’s products are known for their lightweight designs, range of styles and sizes, moisture resistance properties, and affordability. The company manufactures in the Netherlands and use recyclable materials whenever possible.

Bloomers recently expanded its product line to include vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other specialty growing kits that include brightly colored pots made from recycled water bottles. It will also launch nine books with Rodale Kids Books from this year into next year, and plush Bloomers dolls and garden gnomes will also be released. Bloomers plans to launch additional licensees for other kids’ healthy lifestyle products.



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