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Beetle Bailey Menswear Collection

The University of Missouri, my alma mater, is known for two things: having the first—and best—journalism school in the country and the distinction of having Brad Pitt as a former student…although he opted for Hollywood over earning a degree. However, the school has several other notable programs of study and a few more famous grads, including Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker. A large statue of his iconic comic strip character even welcomes visitors to the Alumni Center.

I was instantly reminded of my days at “Mizzou” when I heard about the new clothing line inspired by Mr. Bailey. The Americana and military-infused menswear and accessories collection was created by fashion designers Darren Romanelli and Hitoshi Tsujimoto in conjunction with King Features Syndicate. The limited-edition line will be unveiled at PROJECT New York January 16-18.

As an added bonus, the fashion industry will salute Beetle Bailey with a comic strip retrospective exhibit and a special appearance by Mort Walker.

I wonder if Mr. Walker considers himself a trendsetter? I would love to see his fashion tips in the next alumni newsletter.

-Mackenzie Allison

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