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Baby Genius Offers Simon Says-Style Apps

I’ve heard that young children quickly pick up on the swipe and touch techniques of iPads and smartphones. A friend of mine frequently updates Facebook with stories of his toddler son’s video game mastery. Baby Genius knows young kids have a knack for technology and is adding a learning experience to kids’ fascination with touch-screen devices.

Baby Genius now has iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps available for free from the Apple App Store. These two apps, MyPal Temp and MyPal Frankie, are musical games in the style of “Simon Says,” teaching children memory skills. Frankie and Tempo repeat anything the tot or parent says. The apps also allow users to record videos and share them on Facebook, YouTube, or email.

While teaching any kid the game of “Simon Says” has its own potentially obnoxious consequences, channeling children’s craze for games on the latest devices into intellectually enthralling experiences seems worthwhile.

Melissa Tinklepaugh

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