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Angry Birds Stars Wars II

Hasbro Inc.‘s new Telepods line uses patented new technology to allow kids to play in two ways—in the physical space and through full integration into top-tier apps.

The Telepods play experience will be released in August based on and fully integrated into the new app, Angry Birds Star Wars II, from Rovio Entertainment and Lucasfilm. Telepods lets players teleport Rebel Bird and Imperial Pig figures into the new Angry Birds Star Wars II app so they can choose which characters to launch. Following the release of Angry Birds Star Wars II, fans will be able to download the app, tap the Telepods icon in the app, place one of the more than 30 Angry Birds Star Wars figures on the included Telepods base, and then place the base on a smart device (not included) to immediately “teleport” that figure into the game. Telepods are also the first digitally-integrated toys designed with stand-alone playability in mind. An assortment of play sets will invite kids to launch their Rebel Bird figures in real life to destroy iconic Angry Birds Star Wars structures and topple the evil Pig Empire. Angry Birds Star Wars II will follow the story of the three prequel Star Wars movies. With the introduction of never-before-seen Angry Birds Star Wars characters, the player can for the first time in the history of Angry Birds choose to take the “Pork Side” and play as one of the green pigs.

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