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Angela Wilson, CHF Media Launche Swimstylers

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 10.36.01 AMFollowing a successful launch at BAFTA Club on Friday, former Team GB international swimmer Angela Wilson (née Pendrich) will launch Swimstylers, a new swimming program designed for kids ages 4 months to 12 years old devised in conjunction with CHF Media (Daisy & Ollie, Pip Ahoy!).

The Swimstylers program launches in fourteen of Angela’s swim school franchises including Kent, London, Essex, East Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire. Wilson has worked closely with CHF Media to develop a series of inspirational characters.  The goal of the program is to teach children to swim with the correct technique while teaching them valuable life skills to help them improve their physical and emotional well being. They will also learn water safety and respect.

Swimstylers has five inspirational animated child characters which help to structure the five-staged program, making it encouraging and engaging. The hope is that children aspire to be like the characters and improve with style, confidence, and technique as they progress through the character badge-based system.

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