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Alex Brands, Driver Digital Partner for How-To Craft Videos

Alex_CraftyCarolAlex Brands partnered with Driver Digital to feature its craft kits on the Cool School YouTube series, Crafty Carol. Alex Brands’ craft kits will also include a Cool School Crafty Carol sticker at retail.

The Cool School YouTube channel features a mix of live action and animated series that targets kids ages 3 to 12. Crafty Carol is hosted by a quirky and fun “master crafter” who shows kids how to use basic materials to create arts and crafts.

In the videos, Alex Brands will feature new products, including Sweetlings, Happy Little Loom, Knot-a Craft, Grow Crystal Jewelry, Rock Pets, and more. Packaging for each of the ALEX DIY products will include links to Crafty Carol streaming videos with ALEX DIY craft kits in episodes of her show. Additionally, Crafty Carol will make personal appearances throughout the year on behalf of the partnership.

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