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A new Halo movie in the works?

According to a recent article on, every video game geek out there needs to jump for joy: There might be a new Halo movie. Discussion of a new film supposedly went down at the Future of Television East conference in New York City last week. The conversation went something like this:

Bigwig network exec: We want to do something with Halo.

Halo Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor: Bring piles of money.

Bigwig network exec: For Halo, we will.

You might be asking yourself two questions right now: First off, are movie deals really made in such a lackadaisical manner? Secondly, Halo is old school, why are they talking about a movie now?

Well, I can’t answer the first question, but the latter might have something to do with licensing rights. Short version: According to the article, Microsoft owns the rights to the whole shebang, so the movie studio could only profit off of the movie. That’s right kids, no T-shirts, coffee mugs, stuffed animals, etc.

Maybe Microsoft will even make the movie or a TV show to remedy the whole merchandising situation. Time will tell. But if the project doesn’t materialize, let the nerd rage begin.

—Mackenzie Allison

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