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3Doodler Launches Exclusive Star Trek Crew Edition Kickstarter ‘Gold’ Campaign

3Doodler_StarTrek3Doodler will launch a limited-edition Star Trek Crew Edition pen sets. This Kickstarter ‘Gold’ campaign will offer a limited release of six Star TrekCrew Edition pen sets inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation. All Crew Edition pen sets come with a limited edition 3Doodler Create 3D pen, numbered engravings, an additional pack of plastic, Star Trek Project Stencils, and a 3Doodler Star Trek Leather Pouch.

There will be six separate Limited Edition Pen Sets with three sets based on Star Trek: The Original Series and three sets based on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Both styles will feature a Command Division pen set, an Operations Division pen set, and a Sciences Division pen set.

For those that already own a 3Doodler, the company will also offer a 3Doodler Create Star Trek Project Kit, which comes with a Star Trek Project Guide and three packs of plastic (75 strands) in a selection colros inspired by Star Trek.

Visit the Kickstarter ‘Gold’ campaign to claim a Star Trek Crew Edition pen.


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