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Trade in the UK

The term “fall” is considered by many Brits to be an Americanism, but it’s not. The word was in wide use in England in the 17th century, when British colonizers landed in North America, taking their current vernacular with them. “Fall,” like “yield,” is an older English word that is not used much anymore in the mother country, but is prominent in modern American-English. Such matters of language and origin are much on the mind here in the UK right now. Last month, Scotland, after an intense campaign that many people say revitalized political debate, finally voted to stay in the UK, rather than go its own way as an independent country. Scots speak English, of course (though Gaelic is still preserved in some communities) with a group of accents, and Read the rest of this entry »

Genevieve Gorder Joins Beanstalk’s Client Roster

Beanstalk will represent Genevieve Gorder, and will bring the popular HGTV talent’s design point-of-view to adult and juvenile home décor products, as well as offering consumers creative decorating solutions.

Cupcake Digital Creates New Series of Apps Based on Max & Ruby

Cupcake Digital will collaborate with Nelvana Enterprises to create a series of apps based on the series Max & Ruby on Nick Jr. The agreement covers a range of imaginative play and educational apps that will bring the comical situations and memorable antics of characters Max and Ruby to life.

Cupcake Digital will kick off the first of these new digital products with the creation of a baking themed app, inspired by the many memorable TV episodes that feature cooking and family fun. Apps will begin to roll out in December and will be available on the App Store, Amazon Appstore for Android and Google Play, and Nook and Nabi devices.

Collectible Sindy Dolls to Debut at Harrods

Oct27.SindyDollsRobert Tonner has recreated the 1972 line of Sindy doll Trendy Girl collection, one of the most sought after of Sindy’s original ranges of dolls, and has developed both original and modern clothing styles to accompany the release. The line will make its retail debut at Harrods later this month.

Sindy is a British fashion icon and was the biggest selling toy in Britain in the late 60s. She took on American rival Barbie and won with massive sales throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Other licensees for the Sindy brand include Art Group for greetings and Poeticgem for apparel.

Bluewater Productions Creates Charles Manson Comic Book

Oct27.MansonBluewater Productions has released a new comic book chronicling the life of Charles Manson. Beyond: Charles Manson is available in print and digital formats. This installment of the Beyond series, which also includes titles about Edward Snowden and The Joker, is 24 pages and explores the story behind the media sensation.

Kathy Davis Forecasts Growth with New Licensing Partnerships

Kathy Davis has partnered with seven new licensees, whose products will appear in stores beginning next March. The largest is with ACCO Brands, which is slated to introduce 2016 products beginning in January with offerings across all three Kathy Davis Brands—Kathy Davis, Kathy Davis Scatter Joy, and Portfolio by Kathy Davis Studios.

For fashion, NES Jewelry will launch a Scatter Joy everyday necklace collection at New York Accessories Market Week next month. For home, Nostalgia Home Fashions will debut Fall 2015 Kathy Davis bedding at March 2015 Home Fashions Market; R Squared/Zrike Brands, with Spring 2015 Scatter Joy giftable tabletop appearing at Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings market in January 2015; Boulevard Candle, a division of Langley Empire Candle Company, with Kathy Davis everyday candles showing at the January 2015 market in the OneCoast showroom in Atlanta; Fabric Traditions, with Scatter Joy fabrics launching in Spring 2015; nVision for marketing, with pet beds launching March 2015 at Global Pet Expo.

eOne, Redan Publishing Partner for New Peppa Pig Magazine

Entertainment One Licensing’s (eOne) Peppa Pig will step onto the printed page with a new dedicated magazine from Redan Publishing Inc. The bi-monthly publication, Fun to Learn Peppa Pig Magazine, is launching this month at major retailers throughout the U.S., including Wal-Mart, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Kroger.

Fun to Learn Peppa Pig Magazine, for kids ages 2 to 7, will feature 36 pages of Peppa-themed activities designed to reinforce early learning skills as well as craft projects, puzzles, product giveaways, and more.

eOne Licensing has also added Better Toyz, Fiesta Toys, and Primary Colors Corp. as licensees for the brand, bringing the Peppa Pig brand into sporting goods, stationery, and confectionery categories for the first time. Better Toyz will bring a line of sporting goods, including ball pits and tents, play balls, skates, scooters, kiddie pools, and skateboards; Fiesta Toys will produce Peppa Pig plush and toys for amusement parks; and Primary Colors Corp. will create a new line of novelty stationery and confections such as list pads, notepads, markers, stickers, and more.

Home Entertainment: A New Hope

Traditional Home Entertainment is Making a Comeback Via Creative Marketers

by Debbie Dunn

Deb Pix

It appears that the era of plummeting home entertainment (HE) revenue may finally be over. After seven straight years of red ink for the DVD biz, with $4 billion in losses between 2004-2011, consumers in the U.S. spent more money watching movies at home in 2012 than they did the previous year, according to Nielsen’s 2013 Consumption Trends Analysis. Rentrak also reports that in 2013, Transactional On-Demand movies generated $1.1 billion dollars. While the increase is small, experts see it as a sign that the industry could be stabilizing and that the studios’ digital strategy is finally starting to pay off.

The HE business has seen radical changes in the last decade. The traditional storefront video rental business is nearly obsolete. Former leaders, such as Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, have closed shop due to online streaming and VOD alternatives such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more. Read the rest of this entry »

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