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BeanoMax Launches Extended Aardman Segment in Monthly Magazine

Last week saw the launch of an extended section for well-known Aardman characters in the BeanoMax, the UK’s comic in monthly form. Now Wallace and Gromit have been joined by other family-favorites, appearing alongside the likes of Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, and The Bash Street Kids in regular adventures for fans to enjoy.

Following the success of the existing “Wallace & Gromit” strip, the monthly mega-mag has developed a new eight-page segment including regular Shaun the Sheep stories and games along with competitions and news from the studio. Within the segment, kids can get hands-on with Aardman’s grass-roots home animation brand Animate It!, where Morph provides monthly exercises, tips and tricks, such as “How to draw Wallace” and “How to create a storyboard”—all brought to readers by the studio’s expert artists and animators.

Fox Consumer Products and Santa Cruz Skateboards Unleash Simpsons Decks and Cruisers

Fresh off the debut collection of The Simpsons-themed skateboards, Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Santa Cruz Skateboards have unveiled eight new decks and cruisers inspired by the television series.

The new collection of boards features Santa Cruz Skateboards’ classic designs with a Simpsons twist, including the legendary Jeff Grosso Toybox, now known as the Bart Toybox Mini Cruzer; the Homer Face Cruzer, which pays homage to the classic Rob Roskopp Face graphic; and the Bart Slasher Blue Cruzer, which is inspired by the classic Keith Meek Slasher design and commemorates the series’ historic 500thepisode milestone. The line also includes the Krusty Brand Kruzer, complete with glitter infused graphics, and the Marge & Maggie two-deck set, with their distinct character features worked directly into the deck shape.

This marks the second round of skateboards produced through the partnership between Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products and Santa Cruz Skateboards, which is home to some of the most popular skateboards made today. The pairing has already produced some collector’s items, including decks in the form of Homer’s head and a Duff beer can, a replica of the classic board that Bart uses on the show, and others.