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Callaway Digital Arts Partners with Sesame Street to Bring “The Monster at the End of This Book” to iPad

Sesame Workshop and Callaway Digital Arts, interactive publisher of children’s and lifestyle apps for the iPad, announced that “The Monster at the End of This Book” for iPad is now available in Apple’s App Store. This is the first Sesame Street app designed specifically for iPad. Based on the 1971 book, the app is narrated by the Sesame Street character Grover and highlights words to help build beginning reading skills. The app also features tips for parents.

Mars Retail Group Inks Deals with Springs Creative Products Group and Maramor Chocolates for M&M’S Products

Mars Retail Group has announced two new licensing agreements with Maramor Chocolates and Springs Creative Products Group, LLC.  Maramor will produce chocolate lollipops depicting the M&M’S characters. Lollipops depicting the Red and Yellow characters will be available mid-December and those depicting Green, Blue, and Orange will debut in mid-2011. Initially, the lollipops will be available at Blockbuster, Cracker Barrel, and Walgreens.

Additionally, Springs Creative offers a variety of fabrics and fleece throws depicting the characters. Four designs are currently available, made with 100 percent cotton fabric; as well as the “Candy Characters” design made with polyester fleece. Hancock Fabric Stores offer the designs “Candy Characters” and “Candy Dream,” while Jo-Ann Fabric and craft stores offer “Sweet Treats” and “Easter Party.” These retailers also offer the M&M’S character fabrics online. New items for 2011 will include an M&M’S brand throw (no-sew fleece throw kit) in February, as well as “Red, White and Blue” 100 percent cotton fabric in April; both will be available at Jo-Ann Fabric, craft stores, and online.

Paul Frank, SIGG and CafePress Partner for Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

CafePress, specializing in custom printed merchandise; SIGG, a manufacturer of reusable beverage bottles; and Paul Frank Industries have partnered for a line of environmentally friendly water bottles featuring an array of Julius the Monkey designs. Consumers can select from the categories green, fashion, music, and holiday.

A new crew member for Ugly Dolls

Basheeshee will join his brother Big Toe and the rest of the gang as the newest Ugly Doll. Available next month, this lovable blue guy is caring, understanding and really lets his ears hang down!

Walmart Launches Toyland

Through December 19, Walmart’s Toyland is in nearly all stores nationwide, with savings on thousands of toys.  With the addition of Toyland, Walmart now has the largest square-footage dedicated to toys among all retailers and features many of the year’s hottest toys.

Hot Item: The DeLorean Nike Dunk

It catapulted a TV sitcom actor into an international movie star, put a veteran character actor in the limelight and made a limited-production sports car from Ireland into an ‘80s relic. Of course, I’m talking about Back to The Future. The iconic film and staple of ‘80s cinema has made several “Top Ten” lists in the past and had a special 25th anniversary re-release in November.

Although it’s been a while since we’ve seen Mr. Fox or Christopher Lloyd, the DeLorean Motor Company is capitalizing on the movie with a new shoe. Yes, a shoe—a shoe that looks like the DeLorean DMC-12.

In a partnership with Nike, the limited-edition DeLorean Nike Dunk actually does have a few elements of the car, including a gullwing eyestay and taillight-inspired sole. The good folks at DeLorean even sent us a pair to see first-hand. The verdict? We like it, even down to the box, which opens like the doors of the famed car. Fun fact: Besides being overall cool, this is the first sneaker made by Nike with no stitching.

Let me be honest for a second, what we really really like is the fact that we are one of a select few that now have the shoe—it debuted on Black Friday with a list price of $90 and has already sold out. Only a thousand were made, with a few hundred pairs made for Nike athletes and some other VIPs. Now, if you want it, check ebay and be willing to part with a cool $800. Don’t be jealous.

—Mackenzie Allison

Kim Kardashian Debit Card—Fail!

Photo Credit: Olsen Twins

A few weeks ago, we gave you the scoop on the Kardashian Prepaid

MasterCard—a new debit card for kids backed by the Kardashian sisters. We never said it was a good idea, but as thorough journalists, we felt obliged to simply relay the facts. Well, turns out, it wasn’t a good idea. Why? Quite simply, after all the extra fees, chances are parents would have no money left to actually put on the card.

Here is a breakdown:

Cost to Run the Card: $7.95 a month. Fee to Add Money: $1. Cost Per Transaction to Pay Bill: $2. Public Outrage: Priceless.

So how does this all end? Turns out pretty easilyKloe, Kim and Kourtney have pulled their famous name from the card.

—Mackenzie Allison

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