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Jim Henson’s Animated Preschool Series Doozesr Renewed for Season Two

DoozersThe Jim Henson Co.’s Doozers was renewed for season two on Hulu. The animated series for preschoolers features characters from the classic Henson series, Fraggle Rock.

 Doozers encourages kids to create and innovate with The Pod Squad, as they bounce from one fabulous adventure to the next in Doozer Creek. Preschoolers will learn about design thinking, ways to make eco-friendly choices, and an understanding of how things work. The first season is now available to stream within the Hulu Kids experience and currently airs on Sprout. Read the rest of this entry »

Nutri Ventures Comes to Public Schools

March19.NutriVentureNutri Ventures will be available to all public schools nationwide in the U.S. in a commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA). Nearly 60,000 elementary schools will have free access to the 29 episodes from Nutri Ventures: The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms first three animated seasons, which encourages healthy eating in kids ages 4-8. In addition, Nutri Ventures Corp. will provide more than 200 additional pieces of educational material. Nutri Ventures characters will also be available to public school systems to help promote education.

Under the agreement, Nutri Ventures Corp. will donate to PHA a percentage of net profits from U.S. sales of licensed products. PHA is the latest in the various institutions, including the World Health Organization, which makes Nutri Ventures episodes available to education systems worldwide.

Nutri Ventures made its Hulu Kids debut in January. Currently, 11 episodes are free to watch with an option of paying to gain access to the rest of the series.

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