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Basic Fun! Launches CakePop Cuties Web Series and Toy Line

BasicFun_CakePopCutiesBasic Fun! debuted its new CakePop Cuties web series, which features animated shorts that take viewers inside the lives of the sweet, squishy friends. During the episodes, Unicone, Tortle, and their friends go on journeys to find Sweeties, sweet snacks that give them a sugar rush. Read the rest of this entry »

Basic Fun! Launches Cake Pop Cuties Web Series

BasicFun_CakePopCutiesFollowing the release of Poopeez, Basic Fun! will launch its second animated web series for Cake Pop Cuties in advance of the global toy launch early next year. Created in collaboration with Brandberry, Cake Pop Cuties was designed to be a mix of popular trends including cake pops, blind reveal toys, and slow-rise foam. Read the rest of this entry »

Basic Fun! Launches Poopeez YouTube Channel

BasicFun!_PoopeezBasic Fun! launched its new web series Poopeez, which takes viewers into Kerplopolis, a toilet-themed city that features characters, including T.P., Skid Mark, The Toot Fairy, Dumpling, and Lil’ Squirt.

Basic Fun’s collectible toy line based on the web series will launch in January, and a licensing program for lifestyle and consumer products will follow the launch.

Basic Fun! to Debut Poopeez Animated Web Series on YouTube

BasicFun!_PoopeezBasic Fun! (formerly Tech4Kids) will debut the its new animated web series Poopeez on YouTube this month.

The series takes kids inside of Kerplopolis, a city inhabited by colorful poop characters that flush out evil and share a lot of potty puns and jokes along the way. Basic Fun! will work with Wexworks Media studio, and Matt Wexler and Miles Smith will produce and write, respectively. Read the rest of this entry »

Imangi Studios Partners with Factory Entertainment, Basic Fun for Temple Run


Imangi Studios, creator of Temple Run, has entered partnerships with Factory Entertainment and Basic Fun to expand the Temple Run franchise with plush toys and a handheld LCD game. With more than 500 million downloads of Temple Run and Temple Run 2, the series is one of the biggest in mobile gaming.

Factory Entertainment will produce a line of Temple Run plush toys based on the series’ cast of characters. Demon Monkeys and Temple Idols will be available at retailers this fall, with other characters such as Guy Dangerous and Karma Lee to follow.

Basic Fun will produce the first Temple Run handheld LCD game. The game packs all the fun of Temple Run into a portable and durable device with a carabiner-style clip. After selecting their favorite characters, players can run to escape Demon Monkeys and avoid obstacles with a twist on the classic Temple Run action. The game will be available in Spring 2015.

Fruit Ninja Gets A Licensing Program

I could be a bit taller. Your house is probably cleaner than mine. Your car is definitely nicer. (I don’t own one.) You probably call your family more often than I do. You could likely beat me in basketball, unless your game is Twister, in which case you could certainly beat me. I’m realistic about my abilities.

I can, however, say this: I will beat you in Fruit Ninja.

That’s not quite right: I’ll humiliate you. I’ll cut virtual fruit like you’ve never seen it cut before, and likely never will again. The Angry Birds only got angry after watching me play. They thought they were so good, especially boomerang bird. They weren’t.

I’m happy to announce, then, that Halfbrick Studios has signed multiple licensing deals for Fruit Ninja. They’ve teamed with Hybrid for apparel, Loungefly and Basic Fun for accessories, Bioworld for accessories and bags, and MJC for men’s and women’s family sleepwear.

That’s the good news. The bad news in that the time it took you to read this I probably just got another high score. Unless it’s during work hours. In which case I definitely didn’t, nope, not at all, no ma’am.

—Bryan Joiner

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