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Saban’s Glitter Force Partners with Blush for Series’ Music

Saban Brands has partnered with Blush for its new Netflix original series Glitter Force. Blush, recorded the Glitter Force theme song and performed additional tracks to be featured in music videos throughout the series.

Blush members include girls from different Asian countries, including Angeli Flores from the Philippines, Natsuko Danjo from Japan, Alisha Budhrani from India, Victoria Chan from China, and Nikita Vecino from the Philippines. Their music is edgy and combines pop, R&B, and dance genres.

Glitter Force is adapted from a Japanese TV series Pretty Cure. The new series follows five pre-teen girls who learn that they are legendary superheroes that must defend earth from evil fairytale villains.

The first season of Glitter Force is set to premiere on December 18 on Netflix and The Glitter Force music will be digitally released via iTunes and Amazon next year.


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