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App Based on Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small Launches Today

Miffy'sWorldMiffy,The Miffy’s World app, based on Dick Bruma’s classic white bunny, launched a new app for iOS today. The app is be available to buy from the App Store and will soon be available to download from Google Play. The app was created by StoryToys, an independent developer and publisher of children’s apps. 

The app is based on the  Miffy’s Adventures: Big and Small TV series, which airs on kids’ channels Tiny Pop UK, Nick Jr. in the U.S., ABC Kids in Australia, and 20 other major broadcasters in the world. Fans will be able to transport themselves to Miffy’s world and experience everyday activities with the bunny.

The app builds early cognitive development, as well as encourages creativity and an interest in nature and outdoor activities. Miffy’s World is available on iOS in five languages (English, Dutch, German, French, and Spanish) and will be available soon for Android in eight (Japanese, Korean and Chinese).

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