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Diagonal View to Manage AGE’s Buddy Thunderstruck YouTube Channel

BuddyThunderstruckAmerican Greetings Entertainment (AGE) partnered with Diagonal View, a leading producer of social content owned by Sky UK Limited, to manage the Buddy Thunderstruck YouTube channel.

Buddy Thunderstruck premiered last month as a Netflix Original Series, and features stop motion animation from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. The official YouTube channel will showcase compilations of quotable clips from the show, such as fan-favorites “Fart Nugget!” and “Blame it on the Thunder!,” as well as original music videos including “So Pumped” and “Super Cute Boy.” The channel launched following the Netflix premiere, and features highlights from the 12-episode first season.

The content will be produced by Diagonal View in partnership with kid’s entertainment specialist CAKE through their joint venture, Popcorn Digital. The YouTube channel will grow the digital brand presence of the show, offering audiences access to new and exclusive content.


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