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DHX Media, Dentsu Entertainment Land Mega Man on Cartoon Network

MegaManDHX Media signed a deal with Cartoon Network U.S. for Mega Man, an original DHX Media co-production with Dentsu Entertainment USA Inc. The series was also picked up by DHX Media’s Family CHRGD for Canada. Based on the Capcom Mega Man video game franchise, the 3-D animated series goes into production this summer at DHX Media’s Vancouver studio. Man of Action Entertainment will write and executive produce the series in collaboration with DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment.

DHX Media manages distribution and licensing rights worldwide, excluding Asia, for the new Mega Man series. Dentsu Entertainment manages distribution and licensing in Asia.

The series targets kids ages 6 to 11 and will feature new technologies and robots, as well as the introduction of Mega Man’s alter-ego, Aki Light. Aki is a normal, upbeat schoolboy robot who has nano-core technology that allows him to transform into the mega powered super hero Mega Man. With his Mega Buster arm cannon and iconic helmet, Mega Man battles the wickedest villains Silicon City has to offer. In addition to the debut of new characters, favorite characters will return.

The Mega Man franchise first launched in 1987 by Capcom, and was a series of vdeo games that featured battles fought by the eponymous blue robot protagonist and an ongoing cast of allies and enemies. The Mega Man TV series aired during the 9os on ABC Family.

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